Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques, methods and / or studies aimed at improving the positioning of pages in their search engine. The goal of SEO is too organically with that one (or more) pages of a particular website to appear among the top search results when a user types a keyword.

When a person does a search on Google or a search engine, results are returned organic or natural results, which are basically websites that have relevant and related to the search term. Who is best placed on the list of results, has a higher chance of getting traffic, new visitors and therefore improve your sales or conversion.

The order of presentation of the results is determined by a complex algorithm and secret that takes into account hundreds of factors and is constantly improved to display the most relevant result for a better user experience.

When a company or an independent think about investing in SEO, the first question is “What do I get with SEO?” Or “How does SEO?” Among the benefits, we can mention that stand out:

Increase in the number of visits. With the improvement in positioning, your website will be accessed by more people, since statistically, the better the positioning, the greater the number of clicks in the first positions.

Your website will be found by a much larger number of keywords. With SEO work a greater number of pages stored by search engines and therefore your website will be suggested for a larger number of searches.

Increased sales since working strategy to increase the number of visitors, most people see their products / services, and then the possibility of selling is much higher.

Analysis of Return on Investment (ROI), with monitoring of sales and use traffic analysis tools, which can calculate the ROI indicating the most relevant keywords for your business and where your efforts should be focused.

Unlike offline media like magazines and newspapers, the SEO is totally measurable since it can analyze which keywords convert more, hence customers who earn more profits, from which comes the most traffic, which partner provides the more users who convert. This type of information is key when you want to create a successful strategy.

The work of SEO is an ongoing process of medium / long-term average is required 3-6 months to prove the result.

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What Exactly is SEO?

SEO is an acronym derived from English. The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As the literal translation actually suggests it is search engine optimization. Many people also call it Search Optimization. This term can best be understood as customizing your website to the requirements of the search engines. But it really is SEO more. SEO is a complex set of actions aimed at visitors from your target audience to your website through search engines. To

Why should I use SEO?

Most advertising opportunities have an advantage with a value that is to be determined. This is non-negotiable. At SEO this is not the case. Search Engine Optimization has one advantage hardly in monetary terms. Internet users searching for goods and services through search engines. These search engines are actually a bridge between you and your customers. This bridge is not, and then the customers can not reach you. To generate customers is to use search engines’ Very wise use

Why should I use an SEO service?

Perhaps you’re thinking: Why should I use an SEO service, I can still fine self? The answer is partly yes and partly no. Using the internet you can learn a lot about SEO. But an SEO service specializes in SEO and is thus able to make than you ever will. Your website yourself EVEN BETTER

Benefits of SEO

Search Engine Optimization has many advantages. For example it is not expensive. It is true that you make a big investment, but it pays off in the long term. The longer term is also an advantage of SEO. When once you have reached a top position in Google can do this only be preserved. You thus achieve an effect in the longer term. Moreover you with SEO using the naivety of consumers. When someone uses a search engine, he or she suspects not look forward to. Advertising the search engine is for him or her expert with valuable advice. In addition, search engines are much targeted. They give you the opportunity to achieve. A certain circle of consumers if these points can be done by a Best SEO Services company so that you can benefit from their knowledge in the field of SEO optimally.

Understanding SEO strategies

I would like to talk a little about SEO strategies and how it can be used to your advantage. This post may be interesting for a professional SEO as for professionals who have their own business and want to understand a little more about it.

The SEO produces numerous benefits. They include a larger area of ​​visibility in the result pages of search engines (search engine results pages, or SERP), a factor of trust historical and a lower cost of ownership. The benefits of SEO are quite durable. Next, we will explore these benefits in more detail.

According to a survey by Prospect, more than 60% of users click on organic search results. Therefore, most of the people rely on these results. Optimize your keywords niche helps in getting higher conversion rates.

Advantages of SEO:

Lower cost (time);

Sustainable long-term benefits;

Intensifies the natural growth of the site is no guarantee that this compelling content;


Higher conversion rate.

The SEO Process

The SEO process can be broken down into six general phases. They include opening, preparation, execution, monitoring and tuning. The figure below shows the phases connected with arrows. Note that the SEO process is highly interactive. Each phase has its own body of knowledge. Also note that the figure uses arrows to indicate the relative order of each phase and arcs to indicate the interactive nature of the SEO process.

Competitive Analysis: Once you know the type of your business and what your expectations, it’s time to see what others are doing. We study all the “players” in a business area and raise up their positions now and how they got there, in addition to discover who is linked to them.

Assessment of the current state: first there is the site’s current rank (if any) and then begins to examine the internal factors on-page (and the pages of the site), including the old site, tags, structure internal links, duplicate content, traps for search engines and other topics. At the same time, there are external factors.

Search for keywords: search for keywords is the act of identifying and targeting specific keywords, with the goal of creating relevant references in the search engines. The research keyword does not apply to the selection of a domain name, inbound links, composition links, directory listings and many other elements.

Do you need to contact a SEO company?

Many times, seeing the results of our Internet site, we ask whether it is necessary to contact a SEO company.

Generally we are not happy with the positioning of our property websites but think about dealing with a new computer company, especially if our experience with other companies that we have been able to support or maintenance or equipment or software provided has not been good, can give us chills and parked the idea for later.

However, we must realize two things very important to our business: our website is our Internet storefront and an SEO Company UK is not like any other computer company. Why do we say this?

For we say this because the first is essential. We have a showcase on the Internet. But if we see it, is like having a real showcase of our tent in the middle of the GobiDesert. Therefore, we must improve our website in search engine positioning, so that we see.

The second thing we say because actually SEO companies are specialized in helping companies get the necessary publicity to our website. Therefore, they are specialists in online advertising. And advertising is necessary for us to see.

What we have to do, therefore, is to choose an SEO company with experience who can demonstrate the results we want to get to us.

Did you know that Google has been running since 1998?. It’s 2010, so companies really engaged in web positioning this successfully will probably do so in the past 10 years. They were born and raised with Google and probably have experienced every possible situation with the search engines, which are regularly varying their demands against the websites that are enlisted in them.

Most of the SEO Companies that qualify for a good job also have some SEO website information to users, which provide listings of customers happy with the work we have done with them. Check that they are real, if possible.

And finally, trust your SEO expert. He knows better than you the search engines and can advise seriously about the changes to be made on its website. SEO work on a website gives the first results in terms of positioning almost from the beginning, but we must be clear that it is a medium-term work.

Not only do you have to get to reach top positions, but also keep them. Obviously, you can do to hit book but if you do not have an unlimited budget to online advertising, you should probably dig the idea that you need an SEO company to achieve its objectives in terms of Internet advertising.

Looking For An SEO Company But … Where Do You Start?

If you are looking for a SEO Company UK for your business or your business but you are not sure how to choose it and what details in the proposed assessment services seo consulting firm, then we offer the following guide will help you make an informed decision .

In the field of online marketing companies and SEO are all kinds of professional training and experience, some have learned working for small businesses and others will have extensive experience working in large companies. On the character and nature of this profession may find professionals who have made great positioning and website optimization seo a way of life. They are entrepreneurs who have their own projects and work from home or a small office.

Yes it must be said that online marketing expertise covers many areas such as web development, SEO, management and implementation of pay per click campaigns SEM, SMO, online reputation, usability, conversion optimization by web analytics, creation and content development specialists, and social networks Facebook, Twitter or even managing large projects within a web development department.

Honestly, choosing a SEO consultant or online marketing consultant that suits your needs is not easy, there are many great professional but there are a lot of SEO experts that provide services and promise great results at prices a joke, and clear at the end the results are not as expected and we get frustrated. But there are also great SEO professionals that will be very easy to find if you know ask the right questions.

First, perform a search with the words seo consultant, seo consultant Madrid and cognates to what you’re looking for. You will note that convenient to find a professional near your company to reunite periodically. Try to be clear about what you want to do and why. It is essential to the objectives to be achieved in order to very clear actions identified these chords SEO.

When you’ve found a profile that fits your needs, you have experience, good education, solid studies and you are passionate about your work, note that always draw seo consulting about ultimate goals, to be a person who constantly learn as this market so requires and is willing to pass on knowledge and passion to the customer.

Finally, we recommend that you keep regular meetings at least once a month for the seo consultant will present the achievements, actions taken or to discuss a new idea or proposal.