Technical Criteria Important for SEO Web Optimization

Algorithms Search Engine Optimization using different search engines have a set of criteria or variables that give greater importance than variables when indexing content and assign these quality values ​​will result in more immediate, reflected more or less optimal positioning of the website in question.


The Most Important Technical Factors in SEO are:

The META tags. They are as the name suggests, tags, html type tag found in the header of a website but they are not visible to the visitor. With all these labels are very important and useful for browsers and other programs that can read the labels, as it is in these where you store sensitive data that identify a page.

Keywords. The key words to identify a web page, the theme that will contain that page through reasonable and strategic repetition of such words along the page.

The <Title> tag of a page. The title of a web page is of great importance because of its good use depends largely optimized our appearance in search results. The title set on the tag “title” is the title that appears in the search results relating the indexed content of a website.

Density of keywords. Is the percentage amount of repetition of keywords that have posted on our website? From the right amount of these repetitions and proper dispersion depend on good way, that searchers take for good the content of the page in question.

Flash and JavaScript technologies. It was found in technologies such as Flash and JavaScript benefit positioning a website but that can sometimes hinder it. It will be very important to look at how we use these and other technologies to suit the specifications of optimization in regard to publishing.

Domain Name. It often gives great importance to the existence of keywords in the domain. However, if this technique is supplemented by other appropriate positioning techniques may not help much.

Permanent or friendly URLs. Websites that generate complex directions due to handling that make databases have to use a system of URLs to identify the content they access a particular direction. This form, search engines will be able to link words contained in that direction with the page itself and its own content and internal tags.

Received links and anchor text used. So important is receiving quality external links as the anchor text of these links. The anchor text is simply the name of the link, the words that are going to be capable of that clicking on them will lead us to the address you provide.

Charging / weight kilobytes of a webpage. higher the weight of a web page, the higher the charging time of that page and therefore cataloged searchers to that page as inefficient since these value very positively pages quickly offer their content to their users.

Source code of a document well built and optimized for search engines. It is important to create clean, well-structured documents to facilitate the work of search engines record when the contents of a document.

Undoubtedly, there are more factors and techniques SEO to optimize the positioning of a website. The go trying on new items as well as other equally important factors that has to do with one’s generation and its proper content distribution over the Internet.

For SEO Techniques click here.


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