Conclusion: Implement an SEO Strategy

The Search Engine Optimization process is not easy to deal with, mainly because there are so many factors that can affect a site’s final results. Promoting a site that will most likely not receive links from other resources on the web is useless as making a fantastic site that will never see anyone. SEO is a long process, both in implementation and in the results: who expects to get good rankings after following some advice in this guide, will be disappointed. Search engines can be extremely slow to respond to the improvements that in all probability will increase your traffic volume.

Patience is not the only important virtue for those who do SEO. The strategy must be laid on a solid foundation for success. The best places to meet all the following standards:

Unique content – topics never before offered on the web in terms of depth, quality, or presentation mode.

Access to a community foster – Relations or partnerships with people / websites in an online community ready to accept, visit and promote your offerings.

Link-Friendly Formatting – Even the best content have little chance of getting link if display advertising messages, especially those that break up the page or open pop-up windows when a visitor opens the site. Be discreet in the presentation and remember that links are one of the most valuable resources for a site / page and that will last much more than the revenue of a pop-up

Plan monetization – You must have smart plans to monetize your content, otherwise the bandwidth, hosting and development costs soon as your budget.

Knowledge of the market – If your website is only tip of terms for which competitiveness is maximum, you should calculate a budget to be made available for research of links and the advice of an expert who knows how to get on top of the SERP sites just realized.

If you follow these tips and in-depth well the methods described in this guide, you are ready to start an SEO campaign.


Quantity vs. Quality

To optimize a site and let him get a good ranking, pay attention to the quality of your website and the effectiveness of the promotion techniques you use. Even if you create hundreds of pages and insert keywords all possible and imaginable may seem like a good strategy, but in reality only a phenomenal article focused on a single search term gives better results and is less likely to be labeled as spam by the search engines.

The same rule applies in the field of promotion. Even if you receive hundreds of poor quality links from spam pages or link exchange sites may have some small effect on the positioning, we can get better results with a few but precious and strategic links, which will increase both traffic to the site that it’s positioning. In the era of the analysis advanced against spam links, the search engines give more credit to links from sites deemed relevant, rather than from 50,000 guest books, by digital signatures or directories for link exchange.

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