If we want to be faithful to the title of this article should perhaps start by saying what it is-or at least, translating SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, that is (no or SEO), Search Engine Optimization.

They were like, right? Well SEO is to apply the knowledge to make a business website appears at the top (the first, if possible) of the Internet searches.

There are many SEO consulting firms engaged in – and live – to advise in this regard, but these 12 basic SEO tips your company will be free, so take note.

1. We must know the keywords related to our field. Based on them we will create web content relevant to our business.

2. The next step is to register to our most used search engine. We will have to create a sitemap.xml and robots.txt file to facilitate indexing.

3. Use tools like Google Analytics to see who you visit and creates alerts Google Alerts to know when you named.

4. Use the indicators “link:” and “site:” to make sure Google has indexed your site and performs a direct search in Yahoo and Bing with the domain name.

5. Take advantage of Google Places and Street View so that your customers will “see” if you have a physical address.

6. Google is indeed but a mathematical algorithm created by people, so create valuable content for those who come to your site looking for information. Because Google is still the most used search engine by nearly 85% of whom do an Internet search.

7. Link yourself to other sites that are related to your business and, if possible, to have a good high PR (Page Rank).

8. Internet has its own rules (standards) and programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and should be respected for our site is present.

9. Presence on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter … yes, they are indispensable and have to be there. Create your profile and update it daily.

10. And as always: patience, originality and luck. That simple and that complicated. For the record we were going to talk about some SEO before creating your page, not miracles.

11. But if after these tips you’re still in doubt you can go directly to our Agency with any questions you have.

12. Never use your personal account to the company. Create specific profiles that everywhere you allow.

Behind every one of these tips you may have noticed that there is, applied to all common sense, as well as tools to position a page in the top of search engines.

Not differ too much from traditional marketing, just applying that common sense combined with the new possibilities offered by the Network

And finally, do not be fooled: The SEO is an arduous task that requires patience and dedication.


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