SEO: Agency or in-house?

This is an important question that needs to be asked. Say you’re a manager in a large SME or more, or if you are a project manager for a large project e-commerce web site, or any oil that decides something somewhere in relation to the web (you have noticed as I picked off, eh?). One day you will realize that you need your website to be well or very well referenced. And that day you will ask the obvious question: is what I have to use an agency specializing in SEO, or do I create a team of experts in the house? Briefly, Agency or In-House in terms of SEO?

First observation: you will notice that I did not mention freelancers. Why? Because I assume that a box of considerable size, for which the website is a priority and important object, do not take the risk of entrusting a crucial task to ONE person. Before all my friends’ freelancers protesting in the comments, I want you to think the following case, which I saw with my own eyes in a big box. The big box was committed to a developmental contract, which contained a very specific correction code (highly specialized + very exotic language domain), and uses one of the few experts freelancers. Of course, the biggest mistake is to have appealed to him as the deadline was approaching, but how to predict that this person was going to the hospital emergency with no possibility of contact person and thus give at least this had been done in the last days (failing to finalize the contract). Result: deadline passed, so late fees … To avoid this, so I’m assuming that the question is just Agency or In-House.

Pros and cons of an agency

Start by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of working with an agency. First, the most obvious advantage is that agency consists of several employee (s) with different profiles. So there are a variety of skills that allow obtaining good results in all the compartments of a serious SEO project.

As I said earlier, to use an agency seriously dampens risk. In fact, if you work with a freelance and passes under a car, you’re in trouble. If you have two SEO home is the same, whereas if you work with a full agency, so there will always be a substitute in case of problem.

Another significant advantage of an agency: the continuous updating of knowledge and effective techniques. In theory, the agencies are always on top of what is happening, and more importantly, what should not be done. By using an agency, so you transfer that responsibility to a blacklisting your service (do not forget to mention something in the contract about it).

However, there are flaws in the armor of the agency. First a Top SEO Company has a job, which is SEO. If you sell bricks, the agency does not know the specifics of your business. And therefore a large part of the work to be done, particularly on the editorial part, will be difficult to do for the agency. If the agency is serious, it will tell you, and you propose to develop competence in it (but it is expensive), or work with an external or internal specialist (in both cases it is expensive as well). If the agency is less serious, it does not even evoke not you worry, and the results may fall short of your expectations.

Finally, an agency does not have a single client (if it is an internal SEO team to the client), so if you’re the little profitable customer you will not necessarily get the service you expect (responsiveness, focus on your problems, etc…). In addition, at certain stages of the life of the agency there is the risk that the agency is overheating: many contracts, less personal, and thus again the reactivity is low.


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