SEO Services: SEO audit of a website

SEO audit of a website

An SEO audit is used to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a site and then optimize its positioning. Of course the SEO audit must be done in collaboration with the client and the website owner. This defines the objectives sought and the target set. The audit professional will then deliver his analysis and recommendations for optimizing the site in search engines. These recommendations may include technical and structural changes.

Whether you have a static website, a dynamic website, e-commerce site, the essential steps of an audit are quite similar. They begin with a detailed analysis of the current site and the needs and objectives. This analysis results in a recommendation report that identifies the actions to be implemented to address the weaknesses of the site and increase traffic and conversion rates. Finally, it is important not to settle for an audit of the implementation of recommendations arising, but keep a watch and follow throughout the year.

Analysis of website

The analysis stage in the audit SEO is probably the most important as it will go in the right direction to optimize the Best SEO Services of the site effectively.

Search for keywords, so it is a little less than before, remains crucial to situate the subject of the site. We need to identify the words that the user will use in his research related to the theme of the site. In summary, it will choose its position on the web, identifying good niche while avoiding the strong competition that may exist on certain keywords. Generally, we opt for three key phrases of three words. There are keyword generators and other tools to be well oriented before making his choice. But it is the client and the website owner will also help a lot in this choice, defining its objectives and profile of visitors it would draw on its site.

The choice of domain name can also help a lot SEO. Naming files, images, documents and text links also contribute to good positioning them resume keywords on the theme of the site. It is important to ensure there is no broken link or page not found.

The site loading speed is also included in the audit SEO because it will greatly affect the search engine positioning. There are many tools to boost a site, and industry professionals also know how to make it faster.

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