Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques, methods and / or studies aimed at improving the positioning of pages in their search engine. The goal of SEO is too organically with that one (or more) pages of a particular website to appear among the top search results when a user types a keyword.

When a person does a search on Google or a search engine, results are returned organic or natural results, which are basically websites that have relevant and related to the search term. Who is best placed on the list of results, has a higher chance of getting traffic, new visitors and therefore improve your sales or conversion.

The order of presentation of the results is determined by a complex algorithm and secret that takes into account hundreds of factors and is constantly improved to display the most relevant result for a better user experience.

When a company or an independent think about investing in SEO, the first question is “What do I get with SEO?” Or “How does SEO?” Among the benefits, we can mention that stand out:

Increase in the number of visits. With the improvement in positioning, your website will be accessed by more people, since statistically, the better the positioning, the greater the number of clicks in the first positions.

Your website will be found by a much larger number of keywords. With SEO work a greater number of pages stored by search engines and therefore your website will be suggested for a larger number of searches.

Increased sales since working strategy to increase the number of visitors, most people see their products / services, and then the possibility of selling is much higher.

Analysis of Return on Investment (ROI), with monitoring of sales and use traffic analysis tools, which can calculate the ROI indicating the most relevant keywords for your business and where your efforts should be focused.

Unlike offline media like magazines and newspapers, the SEO is totally measurable since it can analyze which keywords convert more, hence customers who earn more profits, from which comes the most traffic, which partner provides the more users who convert. This type of information is key when you want to create a successful strategy.

The work of SEO is an ongoing process of medium / long-term average is required 3-6 months to prove the result.

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