More SEO Tips to Create a Website

When creating site, as I write, the SEO Optimization for Search Engines, must be present from conception of the project, or better, from designing the business model.

Another meaning for SEO to create a site:

All human communication is what should be in SEO to create a site, ie, in the effort to make comprehensible to others. For sites, two are the recipients of the information you want to pass: the search engines and end users, your potential customers.

So do SEO when creating site is speaking the language of the other. Think of an everyday situation: you need something to rely on an adult and a child. The language is the same? The issue of the optimization of the website is the same: to translate information to the way that search engines can understand.

Create a site for Google or for the end user:

When creating a website, content is king and good content is what serves your business and your customers. However, as much as try to mimic the real world, Google requires that the person creating the site, give clues about the content. These clues, gossip, have their specific places to be given, counted.

Title, headings and Meta descriptions:

If your site was a gossip and Google wanted to spread the news all over the internet, where it will listen: the title, the Meta descriptions and headings, captions text.

When creating a website, so the main subject of gossip, the Keyword focus should be present in all these fields. In a gossip site, hypothetical, for example, how would these fields:

Site Title: Gossip Online

Meta descriptions: Gossip and everything else you want to know their neighbors here. (In SitePX you think the issue of Meta Description in Item Appearance in search engines)

The SitePX, since its inception, took care of every detail of the program, so that your page has a good relevance in search engines.

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