Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

Many companies not clear whether or not to SEO process because they do not know the benefits it could mean for your business. The majority of small and medium enterprises give more focus to actions that generate short-term business.

And while it is true that search engine optimization is a marketing strategy online medium – long term, it is important not to go unnoticed by cost effectiveness.

Among others, we highlight the following advantages that SEO can bring to SMEs effectively executing:

It gives you the opportunity to compete with large companies

While there are very competitive keywords, which will be difficult to reach the top positions in the search engine results, you can always work for local and specific terms of the products or services us offer-usually attractive for SMEs by their frequent -local character that allow us to reach our target market. Typically, large companies, which typically focus to a broader market, will focus on more generic keywords and competitive, so it is advisable to focus on very specific terms, they also have an intention clearer view to the conversion. Keyword Tool of Google and Google search statistics will facilitate this work.

You can measure the results

Using free tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools, we can measure the results we obtained through our SEO process. User behavior on the site, the number of visits and conversions obtained through the terms that are included in the process, tell us if we’re working correctly or if we need to make changes in strategy. In other words, it is possible to measure the audience that we have and the total interest in hiring, sales achieved, which can not be done easily with other advertising as in a newspaper or local radio.

Most users use search engines before making a purchase decision

Do you know that Google gets 100 million queries a day alone in Spain? This is an important reason why we should work to be in the top positions of the search for terms relevant to our business, products or services, since a large portion of Internet users perform searches related to the purchase of products and services -although not directly make the transaction through the network-either to identify references, seek more information, contact by phone or go to the business directly posteriorly.

A high ROI

With a good selection of keywords according to which the whole process will focus SEO and clearly defining the objectives for the conversion, you get traffic to your website will be qualified. This means that users who visit your site and come from search engine results for key terms on which we are working will have a high intention of converting face-whether a purchase, a registration, a request for information, etc.. – So it is easier to generate a high return on investment than other advertising campaigns.

If you need more information about how to start the Search Engine Optimization of your website, do not hesitate to leave a comment.


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