Find the Best Keywords for SEO

When web pages are optimized for the search engines, then it is always for certain keywords. Each page should be 3 to 4 words or word combinations are determined, which then are the focus of optimization. The selection of the right keywords is thus an important key to Search Engine Optimization success.

The path consists of several steps. In the first step, the company or the owner of the site should consider the terms that have the greatest significance for the offer represented there. Not only the technical terms need to be considered, which are used in the company. Even synonyms, variants or regionally common expressions deserve inclusion in the list.

In the second step, other people are asked what terms they bring to the company or the website link. It can involve employees, customers, friends or acquaintances. Thus on the one hand more words are added to the list; on the other hand, important concepts emerge through multiple answers.

The third step is to determine which terms are actually used in the search engines for the search. These are various tools available. Most famous is the Google Keyword Tool which is actually intended for advertisers, but also an invaluable aid for search engine optimization. For a word or group of words, the number of global and local monthly search queries. The list also includes alternative search terms. Although the values ​​are not as absolute, but they give a good indication of the relevance of keywords and combinations of terms.

The last step is to select the items of the list, which are most important for the website and are used most frequently for the same search queries.

A look at the actual search results for those keywords, and the positions of competitors is also helpful before the final decision is made.

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