What is the importance of SEO for a website?

The Search Engine Optimization is the optimization of a page, or even an entire site to be better understood by search engines. The main purpose is to make your website be found when consumers are searching the internet.

The site optimization increases visitation and visibility of companies in search engines, in order to leverage the sales results on the web. Through restructuring, the site is best positioned in the major search engines of the internet. That is, the company does not pay seekers to be well positioned, it adapts to the various criteria required, what differentiates this work sponsored links (where companies pay to be on the top page of search engines).

The optimization tool was created with the new generation of search engines, since before the organization of links on the results page was alphabetical, as in web directories.

The best resource for the proper functioning of SEO is the good work of the keywords in the site or company aims to index the internet. Depending on what words you use, will be returned different pages in different positions. Also, search optimization is responsible for navigability, usability and content indexing.

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