Google Penguin Update: Follow And Tips For Content Buyers

Google changed and optimized its search and ranking algorithms constantly through updates. Just speak the SEO Companies about the impact of the current Penguin updates after has already caused the panda update for media attention and associated shifts in the search results list. Also the Penguin update has resorted vigorously. Black and white animals seem to be a good omen for SEOs. Should we be afraid before the zebra update? We deal in this blog post after a short review of the Panda update with the effects of Penguin updates and the implications that this has Google update on the creation and use of content.

Review: Panda update

The aim of the update was to banish sites with low quality content from the search results list, or to move on rear seats. One of the main factors here was obviously the bounce rate and duration by site visitors. Returned a visitor to click on a search result within seconds via back button of the target page immediately to Google search result page and sought another search result on, or put a new query, then these points to poor content of the website and dissatisfaction with the way search result.

It was interesting for us as a content provider, that in some cases customers who had bought us good content, were punished, others not. The substantive quality of the content seems to be only one (of several) basic requirement that is necessary to be at Google (& Co.) listed on good positions. Once added other factors that cause the reader to leave the site immediately again, even good content no longer benefits alone.

As a consequence of the Panda update many websites try their appearance to visitors through pages to have direct content presentation and supplementary elements such as videos, photo galleries and interactive graphics on the website longer.

The main factors of the Google Penguin Updates

Also, Penguin update the end of April 2012, partially screened out strong in the SERPs and some domains taken visibility. Something was irritating in the first analysis that a week earlier was another refinement update of Panda updates, and some effects of this update were falsely attributed to the Penguin update.

The primary factor appears to be the link texts of inbound links at the Penguin update. Were punished pages, was referred to by unnatural link patterns, as this indicates that links bought in a big way, or were deliberately used as SEO measures. Particularly affected are pages that an unnaturally high proportion of so-called money keywords.

Who is affected by the Penguin update?

Affected by the Penguin update are mainly blog networks that were primarily used for link building. Where Google could identify blog farms, these were also largely removed from the Google index. In addition to the linked target pages and the linked sites themselves are affected. Those who rely on link building on links that were linked primarily on predetermined tough keywords, currently has a bigger problem. Either the link texts of existing links need to be changed – what is striking back – or the percentage of “Brand” link text must be copied to a corresponding extent. But here was a sudden increase link more than striking.

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