Five Basic Reasons to do SEO for your Business

In this search engine positioning many people confused and some without previous knowledge dedicated to doing SEO without really knowing what it means.

It is to recognize that SEO is a relatively new technique for companies in general. But it is also true that the technique leads search engine rankings since the first search hit the Internet.

Best SEO Services is a technique that studies how to get to the top of a search engine either. Many focus on Google to be the most used.

And to do quality SEO there are some basic reasons. These are ours:


The main thing in SEO is that your brand image is going to benefit exponentially. An example: a small, neighborhood, have the opportunity, thanks to search engine optimization, to get to take a picture of relevance only for the fact of appearing at the top without even being well known.

Quality views

The quality of the visits you make up. You have the power to decide who you want to come into your site. Developing a good keyword analysis can improve the positioning to some other types of words. For example: We can improve our position in “plastic chairs” if we have been selling plastic chairs, discarding the words “wooden chairs” or other type of material. With this, we obtain our target customer visits discarding those that do not will be useful.

Maintained in time

SEO is long term, is a work of diligence and discipline, and the good thing about this is that your work is maintained over time. It is a technique of today for today such as the promotion in Google Adwords (pay per click). SEO If you work consistently, over time you will get a steady profit.


There is no better promotion today to search for “pizza delivery” into a search engine to appear in the first position (an example straightforward). Search engines today are the guide of your life. They will tell you every time you look what you can and what you can not afford to buy. For pizzas, they will tell you who is going to offer this service and who is not there to offer it to you.


Strangely enough, the credibility it gives you appear in the top positions is immense. It’s like looking for “the best company where you work” on Google and appear first. Imagine this with your products. “The best seat on the market”, “best laptop”, “and the best travel agency”, etc…

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If we want to be faithful to the title of this article should perhaps start by saying what it is-or at least, translating SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, that is (no or SEO), Search Engine Optimization.

They were like, right? Well SEO is to apply the knowledge to make a business website appears at the top (the first, if possible) of the Internet searches.

There are many SEO consulting firms engaged in – and live – to advise in this regard, but these 12 basic SEO tips your company will be free, so take note.

1. We must know the keywords related to our field. Based on them we will create web content relevant to our business.

2. The next step is to register to our most used search engine. We will have to create a sitemap.xml and robots.txt file to facilitate indexing.

3. Use tools like Google Analytics to see who you visit and creates alerts Google Alerts to know when you named.

4. Use the indicators “link:” and “site:” to make sure Google has indexed your site and performs a direct search in Yahoo and Bing with the domain name.

5. Take advantage of Google Places and Street View so that your customers will “see” if you have a physical address.

6. Google is indeed but a mathematical algorithm created by people, so create valuable content for those who come to your site looking for information. Because Google is still the most used search engine by nearly 85% of whom do an Internet search.

7. Link yourself to other sites that are related to your business and, if possible, to have a good high PR (Page Rank).

8. Internet has its own rules (standards) and programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and should be respected for our site is present.

9. Presence on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter … yes, they are indispensable and have to be there. Create your profile and update it daily.

10. And as always: patience, originality and luck. That simple and that complicated. For the record we were going to talk about some SEO before creating your page, not miracles.

11. But if after these tips you’re still in doubt you can go directly to our Agency with any questions you have.

12. Never use your personal account to the company. Create specific profiles that everywhere you allow.

Behind every one of these tips you may have noticed that there is, applied to all common sense, as well as tools to position a page in the top of search engines.

Not differ too much from traditional marketing, just applying that common sense combined with the new possibilities offered by the Network

And finally, do not be fooled: The SEO is an arduous task that requires patience and dedication.


SEO: Agency or in-house?

This is an important question that needs to be asked. Say you’re a manager in a large SME or more, or if you are a project manager for a large project e-commerce web site, or any oil that decides something somewhere in relation to the web (you have noticed as I picked off, eh?). One day you will realize that you need your website to be well or very well referenced. And that day you will ask the obvious question: is what I have to use an agency specializing in SEO, or do I create a team of experts in the house? Briefly, Agency or In-House in terms of SEO?

First observation: you will notice that I did not mention freelancers. Why? Because I assume that a box of considerable size, for which the website is a priority and important object, do not take the risk of entrusting a crucial task to ONE person. Before all my friends’ freelancers protesting in the comments, I want you to think the following case, which I saw with my own eyes in a big box. The big box was committed to a developmental contract, which contained a very specific correction code (highly specialized + very exotic language domain), and uses one of the few experts freelancers. Of course, the biggest mistake is to have appealed to him as the deadline was approaching, but how to predict that this person was going to the hospital emergency with no possibility of contact person and thus give at least this had been done in the last days (failing to finalize the contract). Result: deadline passed, so late fees … To avoid this, so I’m assuming that the question is just Agency or In-House.

Pros and cons of an agency

Start by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of working with an agency. First, the most obvious advantage is that agency consists of several employee (s) with different profiles. So there are a variety of skills that allow obtaining good results in all the compartments of a serious SEO project.

As I said earlier, to use an agency seriously dampens risk. In fact, if you work with a freelance and passes under a car, you’re in trouble. If you have two SEO home is the same, whereas if you work with a full agency, so there will always be a substitute in case of problem.

Another significant advantage of an agency: the continuous updating of knowledge and effective techniques. In theory, the agencies are always on top of what is happening, and more importantly, what should not be done. By using an agency, so you transfer that responsibility to a blacklisting your service (do not forget to mention something in the contract about it).

However, there are flaws in the armor of the agency. First a Top SEO Company has a job, which is SEO. If you sell bricks, the agency does not know the specifics of your business. And therefore a large part of the work to be done, particularly on the editorial part, will be difficult to do for the agency. If the agency is serious, it will tell you, and you propose to develop competence in it (but it is expensive), or work with an external or internal specialist (in both cases it is expensive as well). If the agency is less serious, it does not even evoke not you worry, and the results may fall short of your expectations.

Finally, an agency does not have a single client (if it is an internal SEO team to the client), so if you’re the little profitable customer you will not necessarily get the service you expect (responsiveness, focus on your problems, etc…). In addition, at certain stages of the life of the agency there is the risk that the agency is overheating: many contracts, less personal, and thus again the reactivity is low.


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As an Online Marketing Company can help your Business

Not just an online marketing company will help increase your search engine ranking, but also can help your protect your classification if you are already at the top of the results page. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to stay ahead of spam and bring their users the most relevant information possible. Because of this, sites that use techniques that are considered spam are often punished in the rankings. Maybe you do not use these techniques, but you never know what the next update will affect or how to avoid falling in the rankings.

An online marketing company has the professional knowledge and experience to help you keep track of updates to search engines. Keeping up on the rules and guidelines of the search engine can be a hard work, so you can probably spend your time on what you know best, your business. It’s better than an online marketing company do all the work for you.

Two updates are search engine Google and Google Panda Penguin. Panda affected sites of low quality, and led to a lot of falls in the rankings. It affected a lot of content farms and made the quality of the most important inbound links to determine the ranking. The aim was to combat penguin sites that use a lot of spam techniques like keyword stuffing, duplicate content, etc.. A lot of sites were affected by both Panda and Penguin, and many are still being affected by the changes that Google added to them. Do not let your site is among those affected. Hiring a professional who employs ethical techniques to protect your website from any future updates versions of Google is a guarantee.

On the other hand, should be very careful not to deal with a company that uses black hat or unethical techniques if you are worried about your ranking. An online marketing company will be aware of all the updates that the search engines display. By hiring a Top SEO Company that uses techniques “ethics” that not only protects your ranking, but your business as a whole. Appearing at the top of the search engines can often make or break a company online, so be sure to protect your ranking as best you can.

SEO Services: SEO audit of a website

SEO audit of a website

An SEO audit is used to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a site and then optimize its positioning. Of course the SEO audit must be done in collaboration with the client and the website owner. This defines the objectives sought and the target set. The audit professional will then deliver his analysis and recommendations for optimizing the site in search engines. These recommendations may include technical and structural changes.

Whether you have a static website, a dynamic website, e-commerce site, the essential steps of an audit are quite similar. They begin with a detailed analysis of the current site and the needs and objectives. This analysis results in a recommendation report that identifies the actions to be implemented to address the weaknesses of the site and increase traffic and conversion rates. Finally, it is important not to settle for an audit of the implementation of recommendations arising, but keep a watch and follow throughout the year.

Analysis of website

The analysis stage in the audit SEO is probably the most important as it will go in the right direction to optimize the Best SEO Services of the site effectively.

Search for keywords, so it is a little less than before, remains crucial to situate the subject of the site. We need to identify the words that the user will use in his research related to the theme of the site. In summary, it will choose its position on the web, identifying good niche while avoiding the strong competition that may exist on certain keywords. Generally, we opt for three key phrases of three words. There are keyword generators and other tools to be well oriented before making his choice. But it is the client and the website owner will also help a lot in this choice, defining its objectives and profile of visitors it would draw on its site.

The choice of domain name can also help a lot SEO. Naming files, images, documents and text links also contribute to good positioning them resume keywords on the theme of the site. It is important to ensure there is no broken link or page not found.

The site loading speed is also included in the audit SEO because it will greatly affect the search engine positioning. There are many tools to boost a site, and industry professionals also know how to make it faster.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques, methods and / or studies aimed at improving the positioning of pages in their search engine. The goal of SEO is too organically with that one (or more) pages of a particular website to appear among the top search results when a user types a keyword.

When a person does a search on Google or a search engine, results are returned organic or natural results, which are basically websites that have relevant and related to the search term. Who is best placed on the list of results, has a higher chance of getting traffic, new visitors and therefore improve your sales or conversion.

The order of presentation of the results is determined by a complex algorithm and secret that takes into account hundreds of factors and is constantly improved to display the most relevant result for a better user experience.

When a company or an independent think about investing in SEO, the first question is “What do I get with SEO?” Or “How does SEO?” Among the benefits, we can mention that stand out:

Increase in the number of visits. With the improvement in positioning, your website will be accessed by more people, since statistically, the better the positioning, the greater the number of clicks in the first positions.

Your website will be found by a much larger number of keywords. With SEO work a greater number of pages stored by search engines and therefore your website will be suggested for a larger number of searches.

Increased sales since working strategy to increase the number of visitors, most people see their products / services, and then the possibility of selling is much higher.

Analysis of Return on Investment (ROI), with monitoring of sales and use traffic analysis tools, which can calculate the ROI indicating the most relevant keywords for your business and where your efforts should be focused.

Unlike offline media like magazines and newspapers, the SEO is totally measurable since it can analyze which keywords convert more, hence customers who earn more profits, from which comes the most traffic, which partner provides the more users who convert. This type of information is key when you want to create a successful strategy.

The work of SEO is an ongoing process of medium / long-term average is required 3-6 months to prove the result.

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More SEO Tips to Create a Website

When creating site, as I write, the SEO Optimization for Search Engines, must be present from conception of the project, or better, from designing the business model.

Another meaning for SEO to create a site:

All human communication is what should be in SEO to create a site, ie, in the effort to make comprehensible to others. For sites, two are the recipients of the information you want to pass: the search engines and end users, your potential customers.

So do SEO when creating site is speaking the language of the other. Think of an everyday situation: you need something to rely on an adult and a child. The language is the same? The issue of the optimization of the website is the same: to translate information to the way that search engines can understand.

Create a site for Google or for the end user:

When creating a website, content is king and good content is what serves your business and your customers. However, as much as try to mimic the real world, Google requires that the person creating the site, give clues about the content. These clues, gossip, have their specific places to be given, counted.

Title, headings and Meta descriptions:

If your site was a gossip and Google wanted to spread the news all over the internet, where it will listen: the title, the Meta descriptions and headings, captions text.

When creating a website, so the main subject of gossip, the Keyword focus should be present in all these fields. In a gossip site, hypothetical, for example, how would these fields:

Site Title: Gossip Online

Meta descriptions: Gossip and everything else you want to know their neighbors here. (In SitePX you think the issue of Meta Description in Item Appearance in search engines)

The SitePX, since its inception, took care of every detail of the program, so that your page has a good relevance in search engines.

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Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

Many companies not clear whether or not to SEO process because they do not know the benefits it could mean for your business. The majority of small and medium enterprises give more focus to actions that generate short-term business.

And while it is true that search engine optimization is a marketing strategy online medium – long term, it is important not to go unnoticed by cost effectiveness.

Among others, we highlight the following advantages that SEO can bring to SMEs effectively executing:

It gives you the opportunity to compete with large companies

While there are very competitive keywords, which will be difficult to reach the top positions in the search engine results, you can always work for local and specific terms of the products or services us offer-usually attractive for SMEs by their frequent -local character that allow us to reach our target market. Typically, large companies, which typically focus to a broader market, will focus on more generic keywords and competitive, so it is advisable to focus on very specific terms, they also have an intention clearer view to the conversion. Keyword Tool of Google and Google search statistics will facilitate this work.

You can measure the results

Using free tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools, we can measure the results we obtained through our SEO process. User behavior on the site, the number of visits and conversions obtained through the terms that are included in the process, tell us if we’re working correctly or if we need to make changes in strategy. In other words, it is possible to measure the audience that we have and the total interest in hiring, sales achieved, which can not be done easily with other advertising as in a newspaper or local radio.

Most users use search engines before making a purchase decision

Do you know that Google gets 100 million queries a day alone in Spain? This is an important reason why we should work to be in the top positions of the search for terms relevant to our business, products or services, since a large portion of Internet users perform searches related to the purchase of products and services -although not directly make the transaction through the network-either to identify references, seek more information, contact by phone or go to the business directly posteriorly.

A high ROI

With a good selection of keywords according to which the whole process will focus SEO and clearly defining the objectives for the conversion, you get traffic to your website will be qualified. This means that users who visit your site and come from search engine results for key terms on which we are working will have a high intention of converting face-whether a purchase, a registration, a request for information, etc.. – So it is easier to generate a high return on investment than other advertising campaigns.

If you need more information about how to start the Search Engine Optimization of your website, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Functions of a SEO Consultant

Who is not looking for your website to occupy the first positions of Google in response to user searches? Undoubtedly figure completely changed the SEO professional success parameters.

If we add to this discussion the knowledge that the figure of Search Engine Optimization is newly established and that the provision of services, together with other variables of course, guarantee an increase in user traffic in the short term, it seems clear that a Good SEO is currently a wide range of job they choose.

Additionally, the indisputable emergence of social networks has led to close the circle of the efficiency of SEO techniques as the way in which consumers and users know a brand is through the search and the way in which the consolidated and increase your reputation is by following up on social networks.

Achieving a good position and be visible in response to search criteria made every day thousands of people, innumerable opens up a range of new opportunities and expansion of marketing strategies to implement to wake through the emotions, the need and purchase desire of users.

To be a good SEO should be aware that it is the seeker who sets the criteria, they are based on the study, analysis and discipline and to achieve the focal point lies in the content.

Additionally, as part of this new trend was initiated with enterprise-level expansion of social networks, be present and be followed in social networks, it is vital to have a successful SEO program.

It is also important to cultivate patience and perseverance, you can see results within six months of constant work, and an SEO consultant is today an indispensable figure for small and medium enterprises to entrepreneurs on a budget who need to find the added value of its venture with the aim of increasing its presence in a highly competitive world.

An SEO consultant should be passionate about the internet, a person able to develop statistical analyzes of key variables:

– Type show user’s needs with the search criteria

– Where and why do you leave a potential acquisition?

– Where the contents fail

– What does the competition?

– Optimization and constant capture added value compared to competition

Just as large companies focus on brand reputation a high percentage of success, SMEs need an active presence on search engines and social networks so that the feedback between users and needs go daily forming a project innovative, dynamic, committed and adaptable.

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Find the Best Keywords for SEO

When web pages are optimized for the search engines, then it is always for certain keywords. Each page should be 3 to 4 words or word combinations are determined, which then are the focus of optimization. The selection of the right keywords is thus an important key to Search Engine Optimization success.

The path consists of several steps. In the first step, the company or the owner of the site should consider the terms that have the greatest significance for the offer represented there. Not only the technical terms need to be considered, which are used in the company. Even synonyms, variants or regionally common expressions deserve inclusion in the list.

In the second step, other people are asked what terms they bring to the company or the website link. It can involve employees, customers, friends or acquaintances. Thus on the one hand more words are added to the list; on the other hand, important concepts emerge through multiple answers.

The third step is to determine which terms are actually used in the search engines for the search. These are various tools available. Most famous is the Google Keyword Tool which is actually intended for advertisers, but also an invaluable aid for search engine optimization. For a word or group of words, the number of global and local monthly search queries. The list also includes alternative search terms. Although the values ​​are not as absolute, but they give a good indication of the relevance of keywords and combinations of terms.

The last step is to select the items of the list, which are most important for the website and are used most frequently for the same search queries.

A look at the actual search results for those keywords, and the positions of competitors is also helpful before the final decision is made.

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