SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimisation strategies via the Internet have evolved. Mastering the techniques of search optimizing (SEO) and (SEM) of the website provides a smart and profitable online presence.The internet, with technology more efficient and accessible, has become an essential source of information. The search engine plays a major role rising to the rank of the second use of the Web after email.All sectors, the number of sites on the Internet is constantly growing offering users an important amount of information that needs to be ranked and prioritized.

With billions of pages referenced the role of research tools is crucial. The engines were to enlighten the user restoring and ordering results based on a search. The latter is done in the database engine and according to the requested keyword, websites will be listed in order of relevance (phase Ranking).From a statistical point of view, a website positioned beyond the third page or after the thirtieth result generates almost no traffic.

In terms of visualization, the distribution is such that about 54% of Internet users consult the proposed first page results, 19% the second and 10% the third.For a successful SEO and positioning a site among the top results, it is important to know how search engines to control the levers of visibility they offer.

The Internet SEO is not an exact science, it is difficult to establish “any ready made” method. A SEO to be effective must constantly question his acquired to deal with the ongoing evolution of the web and its search tools.


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