SEO and Best Practices

Search Engine Optimization can be conceived as SEO techniques and positioning of a website on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Optimizing your content and your site for search engines (SEO) is a real challenge because it can significantly increase the number of visitors to your site.

Appear on Google’s first page of search results provides a large traffic volume. In fact, about two-thirds of users click on one of the results of the first page and almost all do not look beyond the third.

2 out of 10 on Google searches related to music. And the rate of transformation of these results is the most important Google results: 40%. This means that 40% of people who did a search on a specific keyword go to the end of the research, i.e. the desired site.

The objective of search engine is to find and provide its users with the best content from a given search.

Again, understand that search engine is a machine, incapable of understanding a language intelligently. They compensate for this in three ways: by analyzing the words you use, by analyzing where you place these words and analyzing the number of web sites that have links to your site.

It is therefore important to build your site from the start respecting best practices of SEO that it comes out quickly in search engines. Like these only read the text. It is therefore necessary to present text and accompanying photos and videos with text. It is also preferable to avoid the flash, which is not super recognized by search engines.

There are several SEO goals that you have set for your site:

– If someone is looking for the name of your group on Google, your website must appear in the top results.

– If you are on a musical niche as the “vegetal noise Thoth for example,” you website must appear in the top results.

– If you have a known title, your website must appear first in the search results when someone searches for the name of the title.

– If someone is looking for the name of your group, your website must appear in the top ten search results.

After a year, I thought it was not too bad to go to the next level. To do this, rely on an info graphic (Yippee, another computer graphics). It comes from Blogging, an excellent site dedicated to the management and optimization of content.

So why graphics? Because it tells you a lot more simply by visual that I should explain to you in words, much less simply … This info graphic answers the question: “What is SEO?” It will cover all the basics of SEO and explain all the different components of infrastructure links, keywords, social media campaigns, PPC….

Read more about SEO Technique.


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