The meaning is SEO Search Engine Optimization. In Portuguese it is known as Search Engine Optimization or Optimization for searches. 

Are increasingly better tools to do Internet Marketing because it attracts the target audience for each site in each survey conducted? It is for the site to be prepared, or as we say, friendly to the search engines for the keywords used by the user to bring their pages in the first results of the searches performed.

Through the optimization of websites you can greatly increase the number of visitors to your website and get it the first or the first page of google, which is a coveted position for each and every site because it brings more visitors and consequently more business can be made through their website.

The site search optimization to get a better position in the searches, since after the optimization dramatically improves all your placements for keyword key phrases in the results of search engines.

Having a website without a space to popularity without a link or multiple links or blogs to bring news or public affairs is to have a website in terrible position, almost like not having a website.


The result of the use of SEO techniques is the best placement of a site on a search results page of a search. Appear on the first pages of search tools for free is infinitely better than just appear in the sponsored links and this is only possible with the proper use of clean techniques SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

First page of Google is the darling of every website owner, especially if it does business over the Internet.

The long awaited first page of Google, where all sites want to be, but this is possible only for 10 sites, is actually the flavor of the month!

A growing number of people and companies seeking to be on the first page of Google and seek our services for both.

Some of these companies have tried in vain to make various types of campaigns, is sponsored link campaigns as sending e-mail to companies, detested SPAM campaigns, paid ads on certain sites but found that that matters, really, is be on the first page of Google for free, yes, free, appear on the first page of Google for free is the keyword of the moment.

To obtain good results should be on the first page of Google for free because the number of clicks you can get is unlimited, while in some campaigns prepaid, which are excellent, especially the Google Ad Words, you have a limitation amounts of clicks and there is an explosion of people and businesses looking for your products or services can occur simply you lose most of the business that could be generated only by the fact that they have completed their clicks and other site ended up with the advantage of receive the click could be for your site.


The factors that influence the positioning of pages are guarded by site search. However, over time, it was possible to identify best practices that can be summarized in employing common sense in creating and designing a website. The SEO also depends on the keyword that is the term you use in a search. Depending on what words you use, will be returned different pages in different positions.


The SEO can be divided into two parts. Internal factors and external factors. Inmates are related to the site. Some examples are clear urls, use of web standards, page titles rational and correct use of html tags what is language used to build web pages. Now the outside looks like other sites relate to the site. Examples are number of links pointing to the site, which sites link the site and content of the link pointed. Depending on these factors, the pages are punctuated by search engines so that it can determine the relevancy of the page and what keywords related to it.

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