What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – A set of techniques and strategies to improve the positioning of a page or entire website results pages natural (organic search) on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and others. Research shows that over 80% of Internet users start their browsing internet through search engines. Of these, over 95% do not go beyond the first two pages of results. I.e., there is no point having a website cool and well structured if it is not found by a potential customer on the first pages of results. Every day, about 12.3 million Brazilian Internet users use search engines. Having your brand, product or service in the first positions is more than an alternative Digital Marketing is the main strategy to leverage your business and increase your sales!

Why do SEO?

Over 80% of Internet users utilize search engines to find a product or service;

More than half (55%) of purchases on the Internet originates in search engines;

About 95% of Internet users do not go beyond the first two pages of results.

I.e., the most efficient way to attract and win a client is appearing just when he seeks a product, service or any type of information on the internet!

How is it done SEO?

SEO involves many different activities, each of which has a different weight to the achievement of a good positioning in search engines. Basically, SEO Services is divided into:

Selecting Keywords: Here we analyze the company’s business and set the relevant keywords.

Site Architecture: Based on the market study should be designed to highlight the keywords previously defined.

Social Networks: exert important role for brand awareness and website content on the Internet.

Technology: must meet good SEO practices that are applied in the programming of the site correctly.


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