SEO Services

Let’s be honest – who already is looking at the second or third result page of Google for? Exactly – no one! This means that your own website should be listed with the main keywords in the top ten results on Google and thus on the first results page of the search engine.

But how do you get your own website in the top 10 places on Google? This question is not an answer to one sentence. It depends on many individual factors and is different from site to site. With the following services we want to support your website, and provide an improvement of the placement.

1 Website analysis

The site analysis is to provide an overview of the current situation of your website in the first place. Here, special attention is paid to the onpage and off page factors of the website. It is about analyzing whether all META data are available and properly implemented on the individual pages.

Also, the links from other sites on your own website plays a major role and is taken to the site analysis eye. The results of the analysis are summarized in the website report.

2 SEO – Search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization)

This area deals with the direct and operational Search Engine Optimization. Here we explain your company, what to do and actually perform the necessary optimizations and steps along with the company or the website operator from.

3 Creating a website

We assist the client from the design of the site here on the implementation of requirements to live circuit of the website. There are many different types of websites such as online shops, blogs, information sites for companies, and many more.

Every web project is therefore to examine in a separate way to make the right decisions for the specific needs of the site.


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