SEO Tips In The Field Of Technology

Loading times of up to about cloaking HTML code: Learn about the most important tips for search engine optimized technology of your website or online store.

With the help of the following information to the different areas of technology, we would like to make serious errors in the field to detect Search Engine Optimization in advance and prevent.

The loading times of the most important pages (especially the home, but also important bases) should be approximately 1.5 seconds. Higher loading times have a negative impact on the take-off and conversion rates.

Cloaking (delivering different content to search engines than to visitors) must be avoided at all costs. Otherwise threaten a punishment or a complete de-indexing of the website by Google. Check using an appropriate browser plug-in that simulates the fetch as Google bot whether cloaking is present.

It should always speaking URLs will be delivered; Internal search results have not lost anything in the index of a search engine and should be excluded.

Canonical tags should be used only after careful consideration because if used incorrectly important pages disappear from the index.

Avoid a navigation that is displayed with the help of images. Search engines can not read image content. From SEO point of view that is pure text navigation should be used.


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