What Is The Difference Between SEO And SEM?

The differences between SEO and SEM are:

Through SEM, it is promoting or advertising the goods and services of a company. You can position a website, pay per click (PPC) users do on the pages as they will appear as advertisements or sponsored links.

With SEO, positioning is natural in all major web browsers for the company in question appear in the top positions.

SEO SEM is broader as it involves patience, and meet certain guidelines that will enable us to optimize a website. Among them are:

Page Ranking or links that have linked the web from another site. This can be through such blogs. The more links you to the web, the better it improves positioning.

Optimizing URL’S: means which we index the site map of the website to be crawled by search engines easily, clearly shows the optimized web content, and promoting Search Engine Optimization.

In the title of the page should appear the keywords for which the site can be located easily. Ensure that the names of the menu buttons, and file names are keywords.

When writing the content have to pay attention, and avoid spelling errors. It is also good to include large number of keywords, but not abuse them to achieve positioning a website.

To highlight important terms you should use in code headers h1, h2, etc… And achieve SEO.

Strategically choose keywords that are included in the meta tags, variations of these words and common spelling errors, with which users might be searching the web.

Periodically update the website helps positioning of a website.

Write articles and notes relating to the company and its activity in forums, blogs, etc…

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