Google Panda

Google has updated their algorithms … and if you are among those who think that to me?? Think again because all we have a website, blog or manage projects for electronic applications they need via organic rankings are affected by the new Panda, which influences the Search Engine Optimisation algorithm.

What is this the “Panda Update”? (First things first, of course)

As I am not a Systems engineer with a degree platicare it (I hope not to disappoint technically) Google Panda update is focused primarily on low-quality content filter and / or duplicate pages, which are called as “not useful” for the user.


What does this mean?

That places called “Content Farms” or pages aimed at generating some content with excessive quantities of banners or ads, stop being indexed with this update. But that’s not all. For example, if as a webmaster, you created some html very similar to the “idea” to generate more traffic be careful and think about it, as some html all affect the ranking of the site in general.

But it’s not all bad news, as some companies have done well with this new update, as the Content Marketing Institute, who has risen to 10% of traffic thanks to this upgrade of Google.

To the world of Social Media is good news because someone shares your link on Facebook or Twitter, to Google Panda is the best! It turns out that generating quality content that is shared by users is a confirmation of the good quality of that content, which interprets the new update as “good content” and gives you a better search engine ranking, while the same update ignores those sites that mirror and pirate the same content.

Sharing benefits the Google Panda confirms that it is a good content

This simply means that Google is now indexing social media content to its search engine ranking, and not a myth or wishful. This update is a fact!

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