The content has been gaining a lot of weight in the Search Engine Optimization in a way that has come to become one of the most important factors in positioning in Google. Contents are today one of the key to reach high for the keywords assigned to a website.

Important contents volume. It is good that you try to not only offer your products over but that you try into a few lines at least a little information about yourself. Of course, you must not impair the presentation of your website by adding a lot of text and ideally find a middle ground.

Create original content. You should avoid the copy and paste, or copy and paste + slight modification and try to compose text on your website is completely original. You can be based on other sources, but the wording must be yours.

Create content for users. You must not forget to optimize it, one does not remove the other, but should not be a text created exclusively for search engines, but one that brings something to the users and customers and also is optimized for ranking well in Google.

A blog. It is not necessary at all, but a blog it always helps to give the website more content and from Google Panda this is always positive (while it met the above points). In addition, the update content is something that also loves to search king and a blog allows you to play with that.

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