Use The Generator Keywords Google For Its Web Pro Website

Generator keywords Google is a free tool easy to use and relevant to improve the positioning of its business website or its online store on the search engines.

What generator keywords from Google?

Generator keywords Google is a free online tool, which in its first use, is intended for advertisers participating in the program Google Adwords sponsored links.

It provides suggestions related to one or more query requests to help advertisers find keywords and relevant ad groups. It allows them to choose the keywords for queries typed by users in Google to optimize the display of advertisements on the results page of Google.

Insofar as it is based on queries typed by users, this generator keywords is especially useful for professional web publishers who want to position their web pages on Google, as part of their Search Engine Optimization content.

When using the power of keywords from Google?

This tool is used upstream in principle the creation of a website, but it can also be used once the website is online, to optimize the positioning of content on Google.

Use the generator keywords before creating a website

Especially during the following steps:

*Choice of domain name

*Choice of niche market

*Choice of categories of sites (and their language)

*Choosing the “Title” element of the homepage, the importance is paramount for SEO (about 70 characters, including the site name + keywords judiciously positioned)

*Choice of integrated meta description tag words

*Choice of content that will be added to the site (articles, descriptions, products for e-shop services, etc..) And keywords that will position in its elements (density)

The use of generator mos key Google does not replace research methods keywords more conventional, but it must be to face them:

– Personal Reflection on the relevance of keywords in their area of ​​expertise

– Review the choice of keywords competition

– Survey of online

Once the site is online

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