20 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your E-commerce Website

Tip: Before you start generating traffic, you are interested in the usability of your site. In fact, if your site is difficult to use, the traffic will not help you improve your sales and visitors will only pass on your site without lingering. Be sure to test your site or to an ergonomic audit from a professional to verify the usability paying particular attention to navigation and ordering process.

Following twenty tips to increase traffic to your site and boost your sales.

01  Search Engine Optimisation to optimize your website. Even a few changes can help search engines understand your website, which leads to a more precise indexing.

02 Submit your site to all major search engines to be included in search results. Remember directories: directory listings increase the number of links to your site and therefore increase your page rank.

03  Share links with other like-minded websites. Think of web sites whose content would complement yours. Contact the site owners to determine if they are interested in sharing links and the mutual benefits it pays.

04 Pay for links to your website. More links equals more traffic, more page rank, and more highly ranked pages.

05 Use systems PPC (Pay per click) through the system of paid advertisements. PPC ads generate traffic via keywords that you specify, which consequently attracts a higher buyers than other groups of traffic ratio.

06 Hold frequent promotional sales, but with a regular rotation of products that are discounted to ensure that customers do not feel that your products are always at promotional prices. Make sure that each class is unique to attract more buyers.

07 Give a price that is worthy of this great title. A competition with a great price can generate an impressive amount of interest, as well as traffic. The increased traffic and promotions alone can largely pay for this.

08 Make the buzz about your competition in order to maximize the benefits of competition and enthusiasm.

09 Use web marketing to reach your current customers, and add a link sharing with a partner to gain new customers.

10 Use offline marketing strategies, such as advertisements in local newspapers, flyers, direct mail, etc…

11 Set up an affiliate program to increase traffic and boost sales. You only have to pay a small amount or percentage of the sale for the actual conversions.

12 Start a blog to communicate with customers, offer advice and answer frequently asked questions. Blogs updated regularly attract more traffic.

13 Add an RSS feed to your blog, so that customers can stay informed.

14 Post in blogs and forums. Add a link to your website. Do not forget to fill out your profile and add a link to your website.

15 Post in the forum to generate excitement about your website and products.

16 Write articles and post them in article directories. Use the author box to direct readers to your site for more information.

17 Rely on the client testimonials to increase your credibility and reliability.

18 Give your customers the opportunity to review products. A review of the product helps to generate traffic and make sales.

19 Stand in a privacy policy to demonstrate to your customers that you respect their privacy.

20 Enter your business contact information, including email address, phone number and mailing address – a PO Box is sufficient.

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