SEO: SEO Follow Trends

The Search Engine Optimization is the process by which the search engine (algorithm) class web pages in response to a user request. For a company, set its website in the 1st search results on keywords that match their field of activity is strategic because it provides good visibility and generates qualified visits on its pages.

It is estimated that over 95% of Internet users do not even consult with the second page of results!

The positioning of pages is defined specific to each search engine algorithm returns the SEO work to optimize a site and develop Internet Marketing activities that will gain relevance to the conditions of this algorithm itself.

The optimization techniques for sites (SEO) are numerous and, of course, the search engines do not provide the details of their algorithms and their filters. As a result, SEO experts must constantly test the quality of their practices and adapt to these changes.

The techniques that we implement following best recommended practices of search engines: they are thorough and can sometimes be a substantial investment. This is the only approach that provides a sustainable and profitable long-term SEO.

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