SEO Strategy: Building Internal Links

Internal links are links that lead to different pages within the same website. We can find them in a navigation menu within the content, footer, etc..

It is known that every website should have a consistent navigation structure and easy for both the user and search engines. All pages must be interconnected (through links) and it is recommended that no page is more than 3 clicks from the home page.

In an SEO strategy, construction and improvement of internal links plays a key role as a correct analysis and development of internal links of a website, you get the following benefits:

Improved positioning of chosen keywords in SEO strategy.

It allows search engines to index effectively each and every page of your website encouraging the Search Engine Optimization.

Makes it easy for search engines and users clearly understand what are the hierarchies of the various pages to improve navigability and visitor experience.

Increase the page rank of the internal pages of your site

Increases the likelihood that the user stay longer in your site browsing from page to page in search of information of interest.



It is noteworthy that there are different types of internal links and their classification is related to the location of each within the website.

Depending on the location, I make the following classification ordered by importance and should aim to work with each of these categories in your SEO strategy:

Links in context: Those who are present within the text of a page. They are very common in blogs, where there are items of the same category or topic you need reference through a link.

It is very common within the text of each post, a couple of links that lead to other related pages.

To optimize the context bindings, just simply ensure that each article, news, event, etc, having at least one link within the text that points to another related page. And the link should be the keywords of the other page. Ex: It is not the same as saying: “To read about link building click here ….” to write a post saying: “As mentioned in the link building SEO strategy all ….”

In the first case the anchor text of the link is “here” and the second “link building”, making it much more relevant to Google and the user read the second.


Related Links: These are links that supplement the information content presented. It is also typical to see them in the Blog, where at the end of the post are links to other related posts that might interest the user.

Amazon was one of the pioneers in the sense of putting the book under the person was buying, something like this: “if you are interested in this book, you may be interested …” and below put a list of 5 books led to other pages within Amazon.

In the case of blogs gives much under the heading “Related Post”, which also displays a list of links with the titles of each post.

Navigation menu links: They are present in all the pages, and thus the link text is always the same. Usually navigation menu has a horizontal format (and is located in the header) or vertical (and located on the sides).

To optimize these internal links you have to put the keywords in the anchor text and description of the link (labeled “title”). In turn, must be accessible to the main sections of the website through these links.

Links through Breadcrumbs: The breadcrumb is also a navigation menu but which seeks to guide the user in the page. Links are usually next to each other, separated by an arrow. It is also important here optimize these internal links, placing keywords in the anchor text and description of the link (labeled “title”).

Footer links: Those who are in the footer or footer and referenced to internal pages. These links have less value to Google, by the location given on page (are underneath all).

The emphasis should be paid to internal links increases especially when it comes to websites with lots of content (blogs, portals, newspapers). Also if it were merely institutional sites (less content), it is also necessary to raise from the information architecture, what and how will be the relationship between the different pages of the site. Fortunately the work of building internal links is simpler than that of external links, so paying enough attention to internal linking seo strategy, you can improve the website ranking well in the short term.

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Google Presents Its Guide Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google has recently released Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guide Google your search engine optimization (SEO) with the intention to help webmasters who are new issues of search engine optimization and wish to improve the interaction their sites both with users and search engines. While this guide does not reveal secrets to position your site first in searches on Google, the fact of following these best practices will facilitate the crawling and indexing of your content by search engines.

The search engine optimization is often to small changes in specific parts of your website. When these changes are considered individually, may be perceived as improvements, but when combined with other optimizations, they could have a big impact on the user experience and site performance in organic search results.

Although the title of this guide has the words “search engines”, since Google recommend you make your decisions on optimization considering the best choice for the users who visit your site. They are the main consumers of your content and use search engines to find it. If you focus too much on certain settings to get a good position in the organic search results, you can not deliver the desired results. The search engine optimization is to show the best of your site in search engines, but remember that in the end are the users and search engines to which you’re headed.

Maybe your site is larger or smaller and offer very different content than the example we offer, but issues of optimization are applicable to websites of any type and size.

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The content has been gaining a lot of weight in the Search Engine Optimization in a way that has come to become one of the most important factors in positioning in Google. Contents are today one of the key to reach high for the keywords assigned to a website.

Important contents volume. It is good that you try to not only offer your products over but that you try into a few lines at least a little information about yourself. Of course, you must not impair the presentation of your website by adding a lot of text and ideally find a middle ground.

Create original content. You should avoid the copy and paste, or copy and paste + slight modification and try to compose text on your website is completely original. You can be based on other sources, but the wording must be yours.

Create content for users. You must not forget to optimize it, one does not remove the other, but should not be a text created exclusively for search engines, but one that brings something to the users and customers and also is optimized for ranking well in Google.

A blog. It is not necessary at all, but a blog it always helps to give the website more content and from Google Panda this is always positive (while it met the above points). In addition, the update content is something that also loves to search king and a blog allows you to play with that.

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Use The Generator Keywords Google For Its Web Pro Website

Generator keywords Google is a free tool easy to use and relevant to improve the positioning of its business website or its online store on the search engines.

What generator keywords from Google?

Generator keywords Google is a free online tool, which in its first use, is intended for advertisers participating in the program Google Adwords sponsored links.

It provides suggestions related to one or more query requests to help advertisers find keywords and relevant ad groups. It allows them to choose the keywords for queries typed by users in Google to optimize the display of advertisements on the results page of Google.

Insofar as it is based on queries typed by users, this generator keywords is especially useful for professional web publishers who want to position their web pages on Google, as part of their Search Engine Optimization content.

When using the power of keywords from Google?

This tool is used upstream in principle the creation of a website, but it can also be used once the website is online, to optimize the positioning of content on Google.

Use the generator keywords before creating a website

Especially during the following steps:

*Choice of domain name

*Choice of niche market

*Choice of categories of sites (and their language)

*Choosing the “Title” element of the homepage, the importance is paramount for SEO (about 70 characters, including the site name + keywords judiciously positioned)

*Choice of integrated meta description tag words

*Choice of content that will be added to the site (articles, descriptions, products for e-shop services, etc..) And keywords that will position in its elements (density)

The use of generator mos key Google does not replace research methods keywords more conventional, but it must be to face them:

– Personal Reflection on the relevance of keywords in their area of ​​expertise

– Review the choice of keywords competition

– Survey of online

Once the site is online

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Advantages Of A Blog

For a business, own a blog is a solid medium, the first to support the organization’s website. In fact, a blog, coupled to the original website implies several advantages:

1. Optimal SEO: The primary objective of a business blog is to optimize your SEO. While a website is not a partion content changes regularly, a blog allows you to update the information regularly. In addition to updating the eyes of users, and you will maximize your chances of improving your SEO, since search engines “reward” updated content.

In addition, a blog is a way to set up links to your site that will enrich your Search Engine Optimization and visibility towards the Internet.

2. A picture of improved brand: For a business, a blog is synonymous with traffic. In fact, a blog can show a different aspect of your company. Freer and less formal, a blog is the way to humanize your business on the internet. Your picture will be even more valued, which will guarantee principal effect of a growing volume of visits.

In addition, through this blog you can prove that you are consistent with your web environment, and you encourage dialogue with users. At a time when the Internet has become an indispensable communication tool, creating this reassuring proximity is a major asset.

3. An inexpensive investment: Beyond the economic dimension of the blog, it is a tool that requires very little time compared to the benefits it generates. In fact, no need to master complex software to create a blog, updating of this interface is accessible to all. Adding text, photos, videos, takes just a few clicks.

But careful not to create and then abandon your blog. This may indeed harm you, since a blog abandoned vehicle picture of a little concerned about the news of his business environment.

In conclusion, a business blog is in no way a website, these tools have chancun different objectives. However, a blog is an advantage in terms of image and SEO. A website evolves more in one dimension while promoting the blog to create links and information.

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Search Keywords SEO

Before the search keywords when you start or you have a business website the first thing to do is referencing website. the sooner you do use an agency internet referencing, the faster you will get more traffic to your site. Our expertise in this area will make your work easier and, more importantly, will make your website very beneficial because without this research, you just do the promotion at random…


The search for keywords

The first step and the most important in all aspects of Search Engine Optimization is keyword research ie identifying words / key phrases that are both appropriate and realistic about the feasibility. Many research tools keywords are available that produce different investigative reports surrounding the chosen keywords. These tools of search engine optimization can help us understand how competitive certain keywords, and perhaps suggest other combinations of keywords related to your query. Once we see the results of different combinations, we will sit down with you to strategize the best keywords on which we need to focus before proceeding to the next step.

A typical feature of a tool for optimization of search engine keywords search is to return the monthly number of searches in a search engine for the given keyword or phrase is entered, and the number of searches monthly key phrases proposed by the tool based on your original keyword (s).

Such results often help us to change our strategy of keywords for different pages of your website. One thing to always remember is that in the competitive world of internet marketing, you must small steps and start promoting more targeted keyword “keyword niches” before going wider there.

As in the example provident registering a domain name today and building a website for “lawyer” will take you anywhere and it is therefore necessary to find a niche as “law attorney Montreal business “or any other city, because be indexed quickly by the search engines for local service is more realistic than a general term. With time when your site reaches a high level of recognition on the web you can consider to optimize a more general keyword and hope you well positioned…

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20 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your E-commerce Website

Tip: Before you start generating traffic, you are interested in the usability of your site. In fact, if your site is difficult to use, the traffic will not help you improve your sales and visitors will only pass on your site without lingering. Be sure to test your site or to an ergonomic audit from a professional to verify the usability paying particular attention to navigation and ordering process.

Following twenty tips to increase traffic to your site and boost your sales.

01  Search Engine Optimisation to optimize your website. Even a few changes can help search engines understand your website, which leads to a more precise indexing.

02 Submit your site to all major search engines to be included in search results. Remember directories: directory listings increase the number of links to your site and therefore increase your page rank.

03  Share links with other like-minded websites. Think of web sites whose content would complement yours. Contact the site owners to determine if they are interested in sharing links and the mutual benefits it pays.

04 Pay for links to your website. More links equals more traffic, more page rank, and more highly ranked pages.

05 Use systems PPC (Pay per click) through the system of paid advertisements. PPC ads generate traffic via keywords that you specify, which consequently attracts a higher buyers than other groups of traffic ratio.

06 Hold frequent promotional sales, but with a regular rotation of products that are discounted to ensure that customers do not feel that your products are always at promotional prices. Make sure that each class is unique to attract more buyers.

07 Give a price that is worthy of this great title. A competition with a great price can generate an impressive amount of interest, as well as traffic. The increased traffic and promotions alone can largely pay for this.

08 Make the buzz about your competition in order to maximize the benefits of competition and enthusiasm.

09 Use web marketing to reach your current customers, and add a link sharing with a partner to gain new customers.

10 Use offline marketing strategies, such as advertisements in local newspapers, flyers, direct mail, etc…

11 Set up an affiliate program to increase traffic and boost sales. You only have to pay a small amount or percentage of the sale for the actual conversions.

12 Start a blog to communicate with customers, offer advice and answer frequently asked questions. Blogs updated regularly attract more traffic.

13 Add an RSS feed to your blog, so that customers can stay informed.

14 Post in blogs and forums. Add a link to your website. Do not forget to fill out your profile and add a link to your website.

15 Post in the forum to generate excitement about your website and products.

16 Write articles and post them in article directories. Use the author box to direct readers to your site for more information.

17 Rely on the client testimonials to increase your credibility and reliability.

18 Give your customers the opportunity to review products. A review of the product helps to generate traffic and make sales.

19 Stand in a privacy policy to demonstrate to your customers that you respect their privacy.

20 Enter your business contact information, including email address, phone number and mailing address – a PO Box is sufficient.

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Plan Search Engine Optimization

ImageA well-planned and well thought out strategy for Search Engine Optimisation is essential to the successful operation campaigns search engine optimization. If you decide to use the methods, you must ensure that the methods used, tried, true, and tested. Search Engine Optimization often change strategy. The most important key to this change is in the search engines like Google News, to change the search parameters of rules and algorithms.

One thing that has remained constant is constant (even if it makes sense). Is article marketing. Article Marketing is the process of writing and submitting articles to article directories. The benefit to you and your site is high quality anchor text backlinks ed. I will talk later. The benefit to article directories is the content. Article Directories, quality of content on their boards to fill. The more content they have, the more they can sell advertising space. The benefit to the search engines is the content. Search engines love content of the text and therefore, there is no better text content such as Articles. The purpose of a search engine is the best quality and offer the most relevant content to the end user. If you are of high quality and relevant content in the form of search engines articles, rate content, such as search engines and give you credit for the back link.

So now we’re back back links. If you are not familiar with back links, a short lesson. There are two types of links. You can have reciprocal links are links of the two paths that connect two sites together. For example, if you and others on the site link between them, there is a reciprocal relationship. Search engines give back in recognition of a link, but not including the care of their relationships. Search engines long way backwards.

The added benefit of article marketing is that when you submit your article directories, article directories, can be up to 3 anchor text backlinks message. If you’re a smart marketer or at least a semi-functioning brain stem, which has listed a link to your site with keyword phrases of text for keywords in search engines.

This is what I have for my clients and websites that have been very successful.

This article is a piece of information about the strategy of search engine optimization. There is much more on the strategy of search engine optimization and article marketing. For more information, I recommend you check the link to my site in my box of author bio below. There are tons of videos showing that article marketing strategy works like a search engine optimization efficiently.  

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SEO: SEO Follow Trends

The Search Engine Optimization is the process by which the search engine (algorithm) class web pages in response to a user request. For a company, set its website in the 1st search results on keywords that match their field of activity is strategic because it provides good visibility and generates qualified visits on its pages.

It is estimated that over 95% of Internet users do not even consult with the second page of results!

The positioning of pages is defined specific to each search engine algorithm returns the SEO work to optimize a site and develop Internet Marketing activities that will gain relevance to the conditions of this algorithm itself.

The optimization techniques for sites (SEO) are numerous and, of course, the search engines do not provide the details of their algorithms and their filters. As a result, SEO experts must constantly test the quality of their practices and adapt to these changes.

The techniques that we implement following best recommended practices of search engines: they are thorough and can sometimes be a substantial investment. This is the only approach that provides a sustainable and profitable long-term SEO.

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SEO Directories: Manual Submission Of Quality Description

Be confined to publish press releases can be in the long run be a very greedy activity in terms of time especially since it can quickly reach its limits. This is due to the fact that we should vary the types of links to your site and this manual entries in directories referencing selected for their quality perfectly suitable. However, it is prudent to note that the quality of the book is not everything and the quality that you will make when writing the description you submit accounts for much into account the relevance of the link and therefore the benefits of . Respecting the work of a annuairiste and by offering quality content will increase significantly the awareness of your site because these directories are part of an effort to achieve their Search Engine Optimization and directory sites they referencing.

Optimization of anchor link at the directory:

Web writing original and unique description. Attractive to users who visit the directory, your file will be more likely to be viewed and clicked your link. The unique content will improve the context of the page where the link is present which increases the quality of the backlink.

Inserting an image so that your site is presented in the best part are within the pages of the directory that references it. 

If you have opted for a pro inscription on a key book, you will receive a contextual link, located in the heart of the text and heading towards a deep page of your site. So you get an additional link. 

Manual submission of the description and the information necessary for effective manual submission.

Depending on the time of validation provided by our partner directory companies, you will be notified when your site will be accepted along with the address to which it is visible.

According to the tools that have directories available quality sites listed in their pages, you will receive the following services:

Ping notification on publication of your registration.

Presence of the description on the home page of the directory.

Participation in various activities which aims to increase the traffic to the sites referenced or give them extra hard links.

Promotion validated on social networks in order to increase the popularity record.

By entrusting us with the manual submission to directories to improve the SEO of your site, you will have a knowledge not only in writing but also for web development of an effective strategy netlinking.